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She played one of the leads in her first major film, 2009's Sorority Row.

For which she received critical acclaim, and was either seen as the "highlight" or the best part of the film.

Ellie begins dating Lucas, but grows insecure after he begins to experience some success.

When he fails to show up for Charlie's wedding Ellie assumes he has left her and sleeps with another man only to have Lucas walk into her room late in the night.

At least that’s what happens to Debra Winger and Tracy Letts’s cheating married couple, Mary and Michael, in Azazel Jacobs’s phenomenally scored film. The gist: sous-chef Gu Shengnan and bigwig prick Lu Jin hate each other...until they don’t.

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    We also served as each other's wing man/woman for other relationships, with only good intentions for each other. But I've come to realize most people will never have this kind of relationship, and maybe couldn't.