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In reality, most artists signed to major labels are artists that don’t write their own music to begin with, thus, I guess technically they can be considered cover artists as well. DC : Besides working on new music and productions, I plan on venturing into other passions of mine like the tech industry.

Covers are a great way to gain new fans and get discovered nowadays. I’ve always loved social media and connecting with others.

He has worked with companies such as American Cancer Society, GE, Yes Style, Kelloggs, Starburst, Samsung, Toyota, and JC Penney.

David's songs and tracks have also been heard on NBC, FOX, VH1, MTV, A&E, E!

Fund Manager David Choi, managing director, is a country specialist for Korean equities and head of the Team within the Emerging Markets and Asia Pacific (EMAP) Equities Team based in Hong Kong. where he spent two years as a corporate finance analyst.