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There is photographic evidence from September 2013 of a girls' night out.I cannot pin the exact time and day, but I believe Ya Mee and I became friends the summer of 2014.As she read the dog tag, Joe came from behind with a rose and ring. ”The wedding ceremony and reception are located at the same venue.

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I enjoy singing, being a jokester and creative writing that includes poems, short stories and song lyrics.

My favorite thing to do besides hanging out with with Ya Mee is canceling on her “lets work out” ideas because of my “I might die reasons”."Julie and I were about 4 years old and quickly became best friends.

She enjoys playing cello, reading, binge watching anime and kdramas, hiking, hanging out with friends and family, and running.

We both enjoy having conversations during long car rides. "The other bridesmaids insist I met Yamee during our undergrad.

Our favorite thing to do together is exploring Wisconsin's finest and cooking together.