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The novel revolves around movie actress Suzanne Vale as she tries to put her life together after a drug overdose.

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Unlike the movie, most of the conflict in the book is internal, as Suzanne is learning to handle her life without the prop of drugs. I mainly blame my dealer, my doctor, and myself, and not necessarily in that order. Later Suzanne talks with her on the phone, but it is not stressful. She went there, long before that was a catchphrase, and before that particular there was such a crowded piece of real estate".

Suzanne's mother appears in very few scenes, while Suzanne is in rehab: My mother is probably sort of disappointed at how I turned out, but she doesn't show it. It's intelligent, original, focused, insightful, very interesting to read. Postcards From the Edge can be compared to "Less Than Zero." It almost requires this comparison, because it's about young Southern Californians, drugs, addiction, the good life and death.

The section ends with the crew mooning her on her birthday, and Suzanne asserts that "there isn't enough therapy" to help her with that experience.

The fourth section shows a week of Suzanne's "normal" life: working out, business meetings, an industry party, and going with a friend to a television studio for a talk show.

She came by today and brought me a satin and velvet quilt. But "Postcards" starts from the "hellpit" and cautiously takes the reader back to something resembling normal life.

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