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Karen explains she felt betrayed because her father was going against everything she ever knew and was taught.Then he asks Ramona if she ever discussed what grandpa did for a living and if she saw the movie?

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Back to Karen, Geraldo wants to know how men dated her knowing her father, Sammy, was so connected.

She says her boyfriends were probably a little nervous dating her and they were very respectful.

Ramona and her grandfather were real close and I wouldn’t advise you discussing the film with our girl too much. They were really high-end dressers, and the clothing alone that [Pacino] wore in the movie — my grandmother must have been turning over in her grave. My grandfather didn’t bring this guy [FBI undercover agent Joe Pistone, the character played by Johnny Depp] into it. He died on Thanksgiving, in Sloan-Kettering, of cancer.

In the flick Ruggiero is identified as the man who got FBI informant Joe Pistone, aka Donnie Brasco, deep inside the organization. He spent 13 years in prison and we got him for only a measly year and a half” creator Jennifer Graziano highlighted the importance of Ramona’s connection to Lefty.

Ramona says she saw the movie, but as far as her grandfather was concerned, he was never convicted of anything, everything he was accused of doing was “alleged.” He never confessed to anything, it was just what they said he did.