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“Allow me in,” one user wrote on the dating app’s Instagram page.

“Have been trying to join but [it’s] not accepting my mail?

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A Kansas City, Missouri radio host named Carrington Harrison recently did a full tournament bracket of the 64 best Kanye West songs – and it’s arguably NOT the most noteworthy thing a fan has done for Yeezy in March.

A dating site has popped up called Yeezy Dating, which isn’t a chance to take the married father of three on a date but to hopefully meet the love of your life who has the same favorite song as you: a Kanye song.

Yeezy fans can soon find someone who loves them like Kanye loves Kanye.

Web site Yeezy Dating is slated to come out later this month, catering to “fans of the genius Mr. Although details about the service are still scant, users are already trying to sign up.

Kanye West fans just announced the launch of a dating site for the rapper's fans. West's fans reportedly banned Taylor Swift's fans from the dating website.