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Meanwhile, the conservative group Media Research Center dubbed the show “MTV’s latest poison.” The hype, however, bubbled over last month when the New York Post’s Page Six called Tequila an “MTV skank” and quoted an anonymous source apparently associated with the production who claimed Tequila was faking bisexuality for MTV cameras. That’s really absurd.’ “ MTV series development guru Tony Di Santo points to the show’s original will-she-choose-a-man-or-a-woman format as the main reason for its success.

Tequila first came to prominence when she became the most popular person on social networking site Myspace in the early nineties.

Not long after, VH1 gave her the opportunity to star in her own dating show, which pitted both male and female hopefuls against each other to land a relationship with the Houston native.

"Praise the Father in Heaven for He is merciful and graceful.

"But God took all your wretched curses and turned them into huge blessings for me instead!!!! " Tila also shared a snap of her pregnancy bump, but said she wouldn't be sharing any further details on her pregnancy, choosing to keep the due date, name, and sex to herself.

“She chased me down in the bathroom,” Tequila recalls. Beyond that, however, her role at the cable network is uncertain.