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In particular, it has a low airflow, 129 CFM, which is another reason the unit is only suitable for small rooms.

Although it has less power than some of the window air conditioners we reviewed, it cools a bigger space than most at 260 square feet.

It lacks the power of bigger, more expensive units, but is a great choice for a small room of up to 150 square feet.

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This is partly a result of its excellent efficiency.

This GE window air conditioner had the highest energy efficiency rating of any AC unit in our lineup at 12.4.

It also has auto restart, so it will resume operating with its former settings if there is a power outage.

This LG is also a good choice for humid climates because it can efficiently pull 2.2 pints of moisture per hour out of the air, significantly more than any other model we researched.

This means it makes efficient use of its Btu output.