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I mean, you could pull your pants down to your ankles, which still counts as keeping them on, but considering where your partner needs to be ― between your legs ― they could get in the way. How to do it: First of all, X Marks the Spot requires a bed or a table on which the woman can lay.

Why you can keep your clothes on: Because there isn’t any penetration from the back going on, so you don’t have to worry about removing anything.

If you’re in a skirt or dress, it’s definitely ideal, but if you’re in jeans, you can pull them down a bit.

However, if it’s one of those days where only jeans will do, then pulling them to your knees should be enough so your partner can get in there good and deep. How to do it: One partner lies on her back while the other lowers herself on her knees so her clitoris is over her partner's mouth.

The partner on her back performs oral sex and can use her free hands or to caress her partner's body.

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