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Other small pieces have broken off in the interim from cleaning and handling, and still others were found on the sea floor by the Cousteau expedition.

Other fragments may still be in storage, undiscovered since their initial recovery; Fragment F came to light in that way in 2005.

It is noticed from detailed scans of the fragment that all gears are very closely packed and have sustained damage and displacement due to their years in the sea.

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A team led by Mike Edmunds and Tony Freeth at Cardiff University used modern computer x-ray tomography and high resolution surface scanning to image inside fragments of the crust-encased mechanism and read the faintest inscriptions that once covered the outer casing of the machine.

Detailed imaging of the mechanism suggests that it had 37 gear wheels enabling it to follow the movements of the moon and the sun through the zodiac, to predict eclipses and even to model the irregular orbit of the moon, where the moon’s velocity is higher in its perigee than in its apogee.

By SCOTT SHANE, CADE METZ and DAISUKE WAKABAYASHI A $9 million contract for the use of artificial intelligence technology has fractured the internet giant’s work force and risks driving away top engineering talent.

By MANNY FERNANDEZ, JULIE TURKEWITZ and JESS BIDGOOD Many recent school shootings have in common that the perpetrators studied, and sometimes revered, their predecessors and tried to emulate or outdo them. Obama went through multiple emotional stages, according to a new book by his longtime adviser, Benjamin J.

This motion was studied in the 2nd century BC by astronomer Hipparchus of Rhodes, and it is speculated that he may have been consulted in the machine's construction.

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